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Choosing Us for Supports Coordination

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How to Choose Partnership for Community Supports!

If you want to choose Partnership for Community Supports as your Supports Coordination provider you need to take the following steps.

  1. You must register with your County Administrative Entity (AE).
  2. To register in Philadelphia County, you must call 215-685-4677
    In Bucks County, please call 215-444-2800 (4,1)
    In Chester County, call 610-344-6265
    In Delaware County, call 610-713-2451
    In Montgomery County call 610-278-5666
  3. Your County Administrative Entity will determine your eligibility for services.
  4. You will then need to choose Partnership for Community Supports as your Supports Coordination Provider.



 Why Choose Partnership?

  • We believe in mutual respect and understanding.

  • We believe in the individual’s right to exercise choice, control, and self-determination.

  • We know that Each Individual has their own unique abilities, capacities and gifts.

  • We know that supports and services must be individualized through Person-Centered Planning.

  • We encourage personal growth towards independence

  • We want an Individual to be a Participant in their Community

  • We want you to Help us to consistently improve on the services we provide.

  • We encourage relationships with family, friends and community.

  • We believe in a team approach to the development of the ISP and provision of services.

  • We believe that through PARTNERSHIP, the goals of each individual can be achieved and their dreams realized.