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Intellectual Disabilities Supports Coordination

image ID295821 p cWhat is Supports Coordination?

  • ASSESSING the needs, wishes, and desired outcomes of each individual
  • DEVELOPING an Individual Support Plan (ISP) with the assistance of the individual, their family, and those identified as part of their team
  • LOCATING the supports and services identified in the ISP so as to meet the needs of the individual and their family
  • LINKING the consumer and family with service providers and generic community resources
  • COORDINATING the supports and services identified by the individual and their family
  • MONITORING supports and services to assure that the ISP is implemented, that the ISP continues to meet the needs and desires of the individual, and that the health and safety of the individual is assured
  • MAINTAINING eligibility information and assisting individuals to apply for assistance for which they are eligible
  • ADVOCATING for needed supports and services not readily available to the individual

Partnership for Community Supports is a Targeted Service Management (TSM) and Waiver Supports Coordination provider under the Pennsylvania Medical Assistance Program. Partnership bills Medical Assistance for eligible services and also receives funding through the various counties we serve.