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Intellectual Disability Supports Coordinator

JOB TITLE: Intellectual Disability Supports Coordinator

DEPARTMENT: Supports Coordination

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Supports Coordination Supervisor


BA, BSW, or other Bachelor’s degree with some experience in Supports Coordination or service provision for persons with disabilities, or approved by IDS as grandfathered Supports Coordinator due to previous experience. Must have use of personal auto and have a valid driver’s license.

Supports Coordinator’s responsibilities include working within the framework of promoting self-determination and person-centered supports. The Supports Coordinator will engage individuals and their families in the development of plans and budgets that assure that needs and wishes are addressed and life opportunities expanded, assist in the choice of services and supports, coordinate the provisions of services and supports, and monitor the delivery of services and supports.


  1. To evaluate and assess the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities.
  2. To develop and enter into HCSIS Individual Service and Budget Plans within required timeframes assuring the active involvement of the individual receiving service and his/her team, and in keeping with all Federal, State, and City requirements.
  3. Assure that during the development of the Service Plan, that a person-centered planning process is used that clearly identifies the services, needs and outcomes that are innovative in meeting the individual’s service needs.
  4. To coordinate all Supports Coordination functions and service activities including referrals for services, authorization of services, and location of new vendors and providers in order to implement the service plan and ensure quality services.
  5. Identify and assist the individual and family in locating and choosing both formal and natural resources in order to meet the consumer’s and his/her family’s needs and desires in keeping with the principles of “Everyday Lives”.
  6. Comply with all Federal, State and City requirements.
  7. Resolve barriers to service delivery.
  8. To complete, monitor and report in HCSIS on individual progress in the areas identified in the Service Plan.
  9. To coordinate the planning process for individuals identified by the funding source.
  10. To coordinate waiver eligibility and annual reviews with the funding source.
  11. To maintain case comments within HCSIS as needed.
  12. To maintain communication with agencies and facilities serving individuals.
  13. To support rights and choices of individuals and their families and make every effort to accommodate individuals and their families.
  14. To be aware of individuals’ financial liabilities, coordinate any financial changes with the billing department and assist individual in securing third party resources when indicated.
  15. To maintain productivity standards as defined by his/her supervisor.
  16. Maintain a flexible schedule that may include some nights and weekends in order to meet individual needs and Program needs.
  17. Promote health and safety for the individuals, including the reporting and review of Incident Reports and IM4Q feedback as needed. Take action to protect the safety and well being of individuals if needed, including assisting individuals to move into alternate situations.
  18. Advocate for individuals and their families to have their needs met.
  19. To perform other related duties as assigned.