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Early Intervention

Asian girl toddler playing with blocksWhat is Early Intervention?

All children are different and each child develops at his or her own pace.  Some children may show signs of delays in development and need extra help.  It is important to get help early.  

Some areas in which a child may need Early Intervention are understanding, self-help, communication, social & emotional development, muscle movement, vision, and hearing.  

Early Intervention gives strategies to help a child learn and develop, gives information on how children develop, and gives resources to explore.  These supports can be provided in your home, the home of an alternate caregiver, child care settings and in the community.  Language is not a barrier to service.  We use interpreters in addition to bi-lingual staff.

In addition to Early Intervention, regular developmental screening is available for children who meet any of the following criteria, low birth weight, confirmed elevated lead blood level, neonatal intensive care unit graduate, substantiated abuse/neglect, born to chemically dependent mother, or experiencing homelessness.