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Falling of the Cliff!

This is four-part series about kids with disabilities who age into adulthood and well beyond and what life is like for the parents who care for them.
Vision for Equality has worked closely with reporter, Ronnie Polaneczky on this important expose. This sadly is the story of many of the thousands of voiceless families and their love ones with an intellectual disability or autism in Pennsylvania who wait often alone and with so little help.

This series is appearing in the Inquirer and Ronnie Polaneczky would love to collect additional stories. It is important that needs are brought to light.

Here are the links for the Four Part Series:

Falling off the Cliff Part 1: Crisis of the Disabled

Falling off the Cliff Part 2: Finding Good Help

Falling of the Cliff Part 3: Find Work

Falling off the Cliff Part 4: Life After Death