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Employment Success Stories

Horace at Work!

Horace Adams is an amazing man.   He is 49 years old and due to his cerebral palsy, utilizes a manual wheelchair which he can maneuver himself in order to get around. He lives in a community living arrangement and is able to verbalize all of his thoughts and holds in-depth conversations covering a multitude of topics.  In addition to his cerebral palsy, Horace has a seizure disorder and wears a medical alert necklace in case of emergency. Horace has never allowed any of his limitations or life’s circumstances to stop his career path. Horace has been an employee of Olive Garden Restaurant since May 1993. He wraps silverware independently in cloth napkins in preparation for their serving lunch and dinner.  United Cerebral Palsy job coaching program was able to find this job for Horace and it is a great fit for Horace and his employment desires.   Horace enjoys working because he likes receiving an income which allows him to purchase the latest electronics that he loves.   He is courteous, helpful and thoughtful of others. His co-workers and managers love him at work. With his personality he makes a lasting impression on the people that he meets.   Initially, Horace had difficulties at his place of employment with how to properly wrap the silverware and which direction to roll it in. He has limitations regarding his coordination of small objects.  After working with an Occupational Therapist, Horace has mastered this job task. Horace still has assistance from a co-worker who sets up his work area with napkins, bins and silverware. Horace is aware of his limitations but that does not stop him from trying to excel to the best of his abilities.  He continues to do well on his job showing a good work ethic and his managers are pleased with the work that he does.  He has successfully kept his job for almost twenty years! Horace is proud of the work that he does.



Deborah Wilson is a 54 year old woman who has come a long way from her years living in  foster care, institutions and group homes.  Deborah was once thought to have great difficulty with aggression and difficulties properly expressing herself. Deborah faced challenges associated with epilepsy, cerebral palsy and bi-polar disorder. Deborah lived in numerous places throughout her life but she has been at KenCrest Services now since 1982.  She currently lives with a family through the life-sharing program and she loves her family. She receives Supports Coordination through Partnership for Community Supports. Deborah has good communication skills which she has worked on due to her difficulty articulating speech.  Deborah was eventually given a job opportunity. Deborah was tired of being told what she could not do because of her diagnoses and she wanted EVERYONE to know what she COULD DO! Deborah was lucky enough to receive job supports from Kencrest EmployNet and now holds two part time jobs: KenCrest housekeeping since May 1993 and hostess in the dining room at Wendy’s since March 2007.  Deborah is dedicated to her employers and she never calls off of work!  It is very important to Deborah that she completes her tasks with excellence! Currently Deborah has a job coach and they work with her on expressing herself in a manner that is easily understood as well as modifying job tasks and techniques to enable her to properly execute her job. Her love for her jobs has decreased her frustration with not being understood when speaking to someone and she will now repeat herself so as to be understood. Debbie is very punctual, a team player and a fast learner. She is appreciative, generous, responsible, outgoing and has her own style. She never makes an excuse because of her limitations and finds ways to adapt and get the job done. Most times you will find her smiling and happy.  She  is also part of the self-advocate organization, Speaking For Ourselves, and  has learned to be appropriately assertive.

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An Outstanding Supports Coordinator!


Leroy and Eileen

                Partnership would like to share a wonderful story about how our supports coordinators work hard to make “Everday Lives” happen for our consumers.  Leroy is a consumer with an incredible art talent.  His supports coordinator, Eileen Latzko recongized his talent and worked hard to arrange Leroy to give one of his artworks to the very agency he created it for. Eileen was able to coordinate a visit to the Philadelphia FBI Office, where Leroy presented his framed FBI logo art to the FBI Office representative.  The representative then spent some time with Leroy showing the office’s appreciation.  This is a wonderful example of building on an individual’s strengths and finding a way for them to experience something special related to their interest.  Thank you Eileen for arranging this experience for Leroy.  Eileen was joined by Leroy’s residential staff and her supervisor Carin.  Great Job Team!