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An Outstanding Supports Coordinator!


Leroy and Eileen

                Partnership would like to share a wonderful story about how our supports coordinators work hard to make “Everday Lives” happen for our consumers.  Leroy is a consumer with an incredible art talent.  His supports coordinator, Eileen Latzko recongized his talent and worked hard to arrange Leroy to give one of his artworks to the very agency he created it for. Eileen was able to coordinate a visit to the Philadelphia FBI Office, where Leroy presented his framed FBI logo art to the FBI Office representative.  The representative then spent some time with Leroy showing the office’s appreciation.  This is a wonderful example of building on an individual’s strengths and finding a way for them to experience something special related to their interest.  Thank you Eileen for arranging this experience for Leroy.  Eileen was joined by Leroy’s residential staff and her supervisor Carin.  Great Job Team!