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Home Heating for Winter

If you live in Philadelphia and had a problem with your home heater last winter and you qualify for help, now is a good time to call the ‘Heater Hotline’ at 215-568-7190. Summer is a slow time of year because people are not thinking about heating their homes so it would be a good time to call and see if you qualify for help.

Michael Dallas Waiver

Anyone enrolled in the Michael Dallas Waiver prior to June 30, 2010 will be auto enrolled in the Independence Waiver July 1, 2010. The Independence Waiver will be adding ‘ventilator dependent’ and ‘shift nursing’ to its list of services. What is important!!! Whoever the providers used now under the Michael Dallas Waiver must be providers in the Independence Waiver…this is very important.

2016 Octavia Green Dream Job Awardee!

Patricia McLean
Dream Job Awardee

On Friday, June 10, 2016, Patricia McLean was awarded the Octavia Green Dream Job Award!  Congratulations Patty!

Patricia McLean (“Patty”) is a very positive person. She always stands up for what she believes in and is not afraid to speak out and communicate her thoughts and feelings. Patty is a very intelligent young woman who has always been focused on working and earning money so that she can do the things that she wants. Patty never lets anyone or anything stand in her way. When obstacles come in her way, she always find a way to work through them herself, or ask for help when need be. From the time I have known Patty (for over 8 years now), she has always been a go-getter. She definitely knows what she wants and advocates for herself. She is an example of someone who allows her ABILITIES to shine through.
Patty has always wanted to work. She is a very bright and well-organized person who loves people and computers and wanted to be able to apply her skills and passions to every day life. In the summer of 2008, she applied for an internship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Office of Patient Safety and Quality. She was interviewed and was accepted. Patty did very well in her internship… so well that in April 2010, she secured a job as a clerk there. Patty is a people person and has tons of co-workers that she gets along with. Patty loves children and knows what CHOP stands for and is happy to be working in such a prestigious hospital. She utilizes her skills to be able to scan incoming patient documents into the system, and she does data entry as well. She also delivers mail to different departments and is very well know around the hospital (as she says hello to everyone she brings mail to). Patty participates in staff meetings and is an integral part of the team. She makes sure to follow hospital policy and procedures as well. She gets along very well with everyone and loves to eat in the CHOP cafeteria!