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Congratulations to Our Very Own Ellen!

Congratulations to Ellen Facciolo for receiving a Max Service Excellence award at a ceremony at their conference on March 29, 2017.
“Ellen has shown a tremendous amount of commitment to the individuals she supports. Ellen does an excellent job of motivating and encouraging her staff to see the positives in individuals we support. She encourages them to take time to listen to what people need and to find ways to support individuals to live their dreams.”
Thanks, Ellen!

MAX Services Excellence Award!

Kathy Lilly – MAX Service Excellence Award Winner 2015

Kathy Lilly is a Supports Coordinator at Partnership for Community Supports. Kathy excels in her position always going well above and beyond the criteria of the job description. She takes her job very seriously. She has located non-waiver funded supports such as: pet therapy for one individual, special shoes for another in need and she has found numerous resources in the community for those she serves. Kathy believes that each and every individual she serves is the person in charge of their own life. Individuals, families and staff frequently comment on Kathy’s superb listening skills. In order to understand what an individual needs and wants, listening skills are essential. Kathy listens intently and sincerely to those who communicate non-verbally or someone whose communication style is not typical. She inspires others on teams by showing them that there is always a new way to understand those she serves. She is inspired by the challenge and she is not one to back away from difficult situations. Kathy has shown that by understanding what an individual wants she is better prepared to support them. Her leadership skills coupled with her listening skills has given her a reputation of being an outstanding Supports Coordinator.
Kathy is a person who thanks people for the tiniest things and she is grateful to those who work with her in supporting others. She has some extremely difficult situations that she deals with on a daily basis. As a Supports Coordinator she is responsible to facilitate team meetings which, at times, can be very challenging. Kathy is the kind of professional that moves the team meetings in productive directions without offending anyone. She redirects team members back to topic and assists everyone to stay on track. Kathy quietly supports individuals and facilitates team meetings in a way that everyone feels respected, but that the individuals’ choices are always central to the discussion. Kathy is an excellent problem solver who is not thrown by difficult circumstances and she always looks for a way to resolves problems. Kathy has since been promoted to a supervisor in Early Intervention.



Honorable Mention at Points of Transformation Awards!

Partnerhip would like to Congratulate their own Supports Coordinators Maryann Fricano and Len Megan! Both received multiple nominations from individuals and families. Although they did not win the awards given by the City, they were acknowledged for their commitment to individuals with intellectual disabilities at the Points of Transformation award ceremony yesterday, September 30!  Maryann Fricano was  nominated for Supports Coordination and
Len Magen was nominated for the Kathy Sykes award!  Thank you Maryann and Len for your outstanding work with individuals with intellectual disabilities.

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Gobble Gobble…Our 2014 Thanksgiving Drive..A Success!

Partnership would like to thank the employees who contributed in our Thanksgiving Drive. We would also like to give a special thank you to Flat Iron Supports, Tucker Industries, White & Williams, Mr. Michael Basch,esq., Sheryl Armington, Costco’s in Warminster, and Shop Rite at Frankford and Morell Ave.

We were able to feed 61 families! Your generosity and caring are much Appreciated!!!!

Weather Policy

Below is a link to our Weather Policy due to severe weather conditions affecting our business hours.   If our office has to close, we will post it on our website blog and Facebook page.  Partnership will also have adjusted hours or cancellations recorded on our answering service.  If our office closes or it is after hours, please call the main number (267) 350-4500 and follow the on call messages!



Operation Gobble Gobble 2013







Partnership held their 8th annual Thanksgiving Drive on Monday, November 25, 2013.  Our staff worked together to bring in donated turkeys and sides to feed our neediest consumers and their families.   We were able to give food to 67 families.  We like to give special thanks to provider agencies, board members, individuals, and corporations who have donated to our cause, especially to IT Solutions,  Flat Iron Supports, Costco, Michele’s Bakery, ShopRite, Joe and Joleen Barry, Ruth Landsman, Jill Seaton, Michael Tucker of Tucker Industries, Helga Krauss, Wilma Jones and Deborah Knoebel.

A Note from the Executive Director

On behalf of Partnership for Community Supports and the Board of Directors, I would like to wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We appreciate the work that our staff does in fulfilling our mission to support individuals with intellectual disabilities to have a full life in the community. I wanted to also share with you how thankful I am for such a wonderful group of employees who have shown that they truly care as they go above and beyond to support the individuals that we serve in having a better life. Yesterday was an example of that caring and the extra effort that they all put forth for the individuals that we support. Yesterday, I saw Supports Coordinators loading many boxes of Thanksgiving food to deliver to the families that they support who live in the greatest poverty. I saw Supports Coordinators loading a heavy large donated television to take to an individual. These are a few examples of the extra activities that they have done to make people’s lives a little better and it is greatly appreciated.


The Thanksgiving drive is one example of what our staff has done to make the holidays a little brighter for some of the neediest families that we support. They purchased, donated, packed and delivered turkeys and sides for over 67 families which served more than 274 individuals so that they could have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. I want to especially thank those who coordinated the project, donated food or money, purchased food, or packed and delivered the dinners. Our employees are truly wonderful to work with. Thanks to all our staff for showing, through the excellent supports coordination work that they do all year, that they care for the individuals that we support and work everyday to find ways for our consumers to live a life of their choosing in the community.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.