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Operation Gobble Gobble 2013







Partnership held their 8th annual Thanksgiving Drive on Monday, November 25, 2013.  Our staff worked together to bring in donated turkeys and sides to feed our neediest consumers and their families.   We were able to give food to 67 families.  We like to give special thanks to provider agencies, board members, individuals, and corporations who have donated to our cause, especially to IT Solutions,  Flat Iron Supports, Costco, Michele’s Bakery, ShopRite, Joe and Joleen Barry, Ruth Landsman, Jill Seaton, Michael Tucker of Tucker Industries, Helga Krauss, Wilma Jones and Deborah Knoebel.

A Note from the Executive Director

On behalf of Partnership for Community Supports and the Board of Directors, I would like to wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We appreciate the work that our staff does in fulfilling our mission to support individuals with intellectual disabilities to have a full life in the community. I wanted to also share with you how thankful I am for such a wonderful group of employees who have shown that they truly care as they go above and beyond to support the individuals that we serve in having a better life. Yesterday was an example of that caring and the extra effort that they all put forth for the individuals that we support. Yesterday, I saw Supports Coordinators loading many boxes of Thanksgiving food to deliver to the families that they support who live in the greatest poverty. I saw Supports Coordinators loading a heavy large donated television to take to an individual. These are a few examples of the extra activities that they have done to make people’s lives a little better and it is greatly appreciated.


The Thanksgiving drive is one example of what our staff has done to make the holidays a little brighter for some of the neediest families that we support. They purchased, donated, packed and delivered turkeys and sides for over 67 families which served more than 274 individuals so that they could have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. I want to especially thank those who coordinated the project, donated food or money, purchased food, or packed and delivered the dinners. Our employees are truly wonderful to work with. Thanks to all our staff for showing, through the excellent supports coordination work that they do all year, that they care for the individuals that we support and work everyday to find ways for our consumers to live a life of their choosing in the community.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Congratulation Points of Transformation Honorees!

Philadelphia County honored Staff throughout Philadelphia who make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities!  Congratulations to all of the winners and honorable mentions, especially our very own staff!

Supports Coordination Supervisor Special Mention Honoree, Bill Wyce!

Bill has worked at Partnership for Community Supports, first as a Supports Coordinator and now as a Supports Coordination Supervisor. Bill is nothing short of professional, available, kind and knowledgeable. A family stated that they can imagine how stressful the day-to-day responsibilities are and the gift of maintaining a calm, day in and day out, is probably not the easiest thing to do. The family member went on to state, “Bill was always available to us and treated us with respect regardless of the simplicity of our questions or issues. He went out of his way to make required meetings as convenient as possible, always what was easiest for us, never what was convenient for him. Bill never complains, never gets upset, and never shows any irritation or impatience. He provided us with options for our son to participate in recreational and social activities we didn’t know existed. “
“But, I think the most striking example of how Bill exemplifies the values and ideals of Support Coordination was when he attended my mothers viewing.  I did not notify him, but it is obvious he is informed and aware of his client’s situations. He came to support my son, he relayed his condolences to our family and then he sat with my son for the remainder of the evening. I am sure that Bill had many other things he could have done that evening. I will always be grateful that he chose to support my son that evening. Bill is genuine, he is real, and he is caring. Bill deserves this award. It is nice to know that Bill is supervising others and that his values are being transferred to those he supervises.”










Supports Coordinator Special Mention Honoree, David Fields-Asare!

David is a Supports Coordinator with Partnership for Community Supports. His commitment to those he serves and his professionalism were noted by those who nominated him for this award. One family commented that he quietly builds relationships with his consumers and families with compassion and respect. Other families complimented David for being knowledgeable, personable and going beyond the job description to help.

The father of a family consisting of seven individuals with special needs shared his feelings about David.  He said his family was going through a tumultuous time. He shared that he and his wife were parents, confronting parenting issues of not willing or able to let go of their children. “David told us in a professional way that we could not see that our children wanted to grow up. David never said those words but he found ways to address it. David was so professional throughout a very tough time in our family. We were emotionally unbalanced and David supported us by asking us to look at the best interest of our children. David kept himself together when he could have easily lost it himself.”

“We as parents had to grow up. When our first child was born with special needs we knew we would parent until we die, forever. David helped us see that our parenting was not allowing our children to grow up on their own. My wife and I never realized our time of parenting needed to end and allow each child their personal growth. David helped keep us on track and he kept us addressing the need to change our roles in our children’s lives. Our children will always need us and depend on us but now we see it differently. We needed to begin to trust the world, trust them and trust others. David helped us do this.”

“Now, two of our girls no longer are frustrated, angry and fighting. They live in a CLA and they are happy. I never thought I would ever experience them calling me on the phone at night and say, ‘I love you’. When times of stress come to your family and your life, you loose sanity. We always believed our job was to protect our children and we still do believe this, but with David’s kindness and involvement in our lives, we realized it was time for us to change and to let go. David is a remarkable man. He is a ‘stand-up’ person.”