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Summer Months Are Here! Stay Cool!

Beat the Heat,  Links for  the Facts & Safety Tips!

Heat Safety

American Red Cross Heat Safety Tips


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Heat Safety Tips


Helpful Phone Numbers:

Philadelphia Senior Center: 215-546-5879
PCA Heatline: 215-765-9040
Pennsylvania Health Department: 1-877-PA-HEALTH
Bucks County Area Agency On Aging: 215-348-0510
Chester County Department Of Aging Services: 610-344-4141
Delaware County Heat Emergency Hotline: 610-490-1220
Lancaster County Department Of Aging: 717-299-7979
Montgomery County Aging And Adult Services: 610-278-3601
Northampton County Area Department Of Aging: 610-559-3245


Falling of the Cliff!

This is four-part series about kids with disabilities who age into adulthood and well beyond and what life is like for the parents who care for them.
Vision for Equality has worked closely with reporter, Ronnie Polaneczky on this important expose. This sadly is the story of many of the thousands of voiceless families and their love ones with an intellectual disability or autism in Pennsylvania who wait often alone and with so little help.

This series is appearing in the Inquirer and Ronnie Polaneczky would love to collect additional stories. It is important that needs are brought to light.

Here are the links for the Four Part Series:

Falling off the Cliff Part 1: Crisis of the Disabled

Falling off the Cliff Part 2: Finding Good Help

Falling of the Cliff Part 3: Find Work

Falling off the Cliff Part 4: Life After Death



Thanksgiving Drive 2017

On Monday, many of our employees, board members, vendors and contracted companies have donated money, gift cards, and food. Many of them offered to pick up the turkeys and packed and delivered food baskets to make the holiday a little brighter for some of the neediest families that we support. This year we were able to support 108 families so that they could have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. This is the highest number ever that we have supported at Thanksgiving. Thank you to all the staff and board members who donated food or money, purchased food, or packed and delivered the boxes. There are too many to mention individually. Our employees are truly wonderful to work with. Through the excellent supports and service coordination work that they do all year. Thank you employees for your work everyday in finding ways to support our individuals in living a fulfilling life in the community!


Points of Transformation Awards 2017!

The Points of Transformation Awards ceremony was held in September. The ceremony was very nice and recognized several of our staff. This is a celebration of Direct Service Professionals and Supports Coordinators who exemplify the IDS motto: “It’s all about Community!”

Congratulations to Dana Bowser, an ID Supports Coordination Supervisor, who received the Kathy Sykes “It’s all about Community Award of Excellence.”

Congratulations also to Katherine Cordoba, Maryann Fricano, and Kathaleen Sheehan, Supports Coordinators, who received Honorable Mention Points of Transformation awards. We are very proud of their work that was acknowledged by nominations to Partnership for this award.

Congratulations to all of you!!

Congratulations to Our Very Own Ellen!

Congratulations to Ellen Facciolo for receiving a Max Service Excellence award at a ceremony at their conference on March 29, 2017.
“Ellen has shown a tremendous amount of commitment to the individuals she supports. Ellen does an excellent job of motivating and encouraging her staff to see the positives in individuals we support. She encourages them to take time to listen to what people need and to find ways to support individuals to live their dreams.”
Thanks, Ellen!

MAX Services Excellence Award!

Kathy Lilly – MAX Service Excellence Award Winner 2015

Kathy Lilly is a Supports Coordinator at Partnership for Community Supports. Kathy excels in her position always going well above and beyond the criteria of the job description. She takes her job very seriously. She has located non-waiver funded supports such as: pet therapy for one individual, special shoes for another in need and she has found numerous resources in the community for those she serves. Kathy believes that each and every individual she serves is the person in charge of their own life. Individuals, families and staff frequently comment on Kathy’s superb listening skills. In order to understand what an individual needs and wants, listening skills are essential. Kathy listens intently and sincerely to those who communicate non-verbally or someone whose communication style is not typical. She inspires others on teams by showing them that there is always a new way to understand those she serves. She is inspired by the challenge and she is not one to back away from difficult situations. Kathy has shown that by understanding what an individual wants she is better prepared to support them. Her leadership skills coupled with her listening skills has given her a reputation of being an outstanding Supports Coordinator.
Kathy is a person who thanks people for the tiniest things and she is grateful to those who work with her in supporting others. She has some extremely difficult situations that she deals with on a daily basis. As a Supports Coordinator she is responsible to facilitate team meetings which, at times, can be very challenging. Kathy is the kind of professional that moves the team meetings in productive directions without offending anyone. She redirects team members back to topic and assists everyone to stay on track. Kathy quietly supports individuals and facilitates team meetings in a way that everyone feels respected, but that the individuals’ choices are always central to the discussion. Kathy is an excellent problem solver who is not thrown by difficult circumstances and she always looks for a way to resolves problems. Kathy has since been promoted to a supervisor in Early Intervention.



Honorable Mention at Points of Transformation Awards!

Partnerhip would like to Congratulate their own Supports Coordinators Maryann Fricano and Len Megan! Both received multiple nominations from individuals and families. Although they did not win the awards given by the City, they were acknowledged for their commitment to individuals with intellectual disabilities at the Points of Transformation award ceremony yesterday, September 30!  Maryann Fricano was  nominated for Supports Coordination and
Len Magen was nominated for the Kathy Sykes award!  Thank you Maryann and Len for your outstanding work with individuals with intellectual disabilities.